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Intelligent Document Processing for Banking and Financial Services

Transform Banking and Financial Services Document Processing with InferIQ.

Intelligent Document Processing for Banking and Financial Services

Many banks have begun to turn to (Intelligent Document Processing) IDP to digitize, classify, and extract data from various documents. Banks predominantly handle PDFs, scanned documents, and emails that often need specific data to be extracted. The benefit of using an AI solution like IDP is that it ultimately processes documents within a fraction of the time. 

With end-to-end document processing automation, banks can more easily stay on track with business objectives, such as improving time, cost, and document extraction efficiency.

List of Key Documents Used in Banking and Financial Services

The banking and financial sector processes large volumes of documents, and with the advances in digital technology, companies have opened ways to make these documents more efficient. Traditionally, companies have edited documents manually, which will take time-consuming but with advances in digital technologies like AI, companies can extract documents more efficiently.

Process 5x Faster

Get the documents processing faster and best-in-class data extraction.

Cost Savings of Over 70%

Reducing the expenses of back-office costs.

Upto 99% Accuracy

Improved document extraction with the highest data accuracy.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve turnaround times can lead highest customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

Read the below case studies and see how InferIQ solutions reduced data extraction Cost, Time, and Improved Accuracy and Efficiency.

Case Study

Empowering Structured Information Extraction from Tax Forms

As unstructured document processing is critical in the financial industry, organizations are challenged with implementing an efficient way to extract data into a structured format.

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Case Study

Fast Forward from Financial
Statements to Lending Loans

For Banks and Financial Lenders, a critical process in assessing credit risk is obtaining and analyzing the borrower’s financial statements to calculate financial ratios (also known as financial spreading).

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