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Data Redaction

AI-Powered Data Redaction for any documents quickly & accurately.

Data Redaction

Data redaction, which refers to the obscuring or deletion of sensitive data, is crucial for confidentiality and compliance with legal standards. It is particularly useful for businesses that need to share information with their clients publicly, allowing them to safeguard sensitive data while providing necessary information. 

InferIQ allows the identification of various types of data stored in the uploaded unstructured file. It provides the list of categories (name, address, phone number, etc.) that can be redacted. Once the user chooses the category of data, the solution provides an output where all data of selected categories are redacted.

We Support JPG & PDF files

Capture, convert and analyse data from any JPG and PDF documents

Tax form

Legal documents

Bank forms

Invoices and receipts

Financial statements

Handwritten text

Table extraction from
unstructured documents

Data Redaction Across Industries

Automated data Redaction technology can be implemented across a variety of industries.

Banking & Financial Services

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Public Sector

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Case Study

Read the below case study and see how InferIQ solutions reduced data redaction Cost, Time, and Improved Accuracy and Efficiency.

Case Study

Fast and Secure Data Redaction

This raises a huge issue of privacy concerns arising, as these documents contain sensitive and confidential information. Therefore, companies are required to be compliant with their respective privacy policies while handling these sensitive documents.

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