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InferIQ Solution Brief

In today's rapidly changing digital era where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated a day, organizations must ensure incoming information is accurately and efficiently processed. Text based PDFs, handwritten forms, and scanned documents were originally designed with information processing by humans in mind and not for modernized computer data processing workflows. This presents a major opportunity for organizations to leverage the most advanced technology to innovate and reinvent operations.

The Major Data Extraction Challenges

As we still tend to handle documents the same way we did years ago with human workers doing manual data entry, there are many challenges that arise when extracting unstructured data from those forms, applications, images, and PDFs. There are also less sophisticated automation tools that lack the intelligence element needed to train data processing models on an ongoing basis. For example, traditional OCR and document extraction solutions are often deployed for a very specific problem with little reuse of common technologies from application to application.

The Solution

InferIQ is an all-encompassing automated, intelligent, data extractor that enables rapid processing of documents, PDFs, images, for financial operations, application processes, and any other procedures that involve the intake of data in an unstructured format.

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