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Data Extraction

AI-Powered Data Extraction from any documents quickly & accurately.

Data Extraction

Are you relying on manual data entry for collecting data from documents? This traditional method of collecting information entails the use of a large team who read information and key it into the system. In this slow, laborious input process, there can be spelling mistakes, incorrect formatting or even misreading of information on screen. If you are a small/medium sized business, the cost of data entry will be a significant expense when you employ manual data entry resources. You also will have to bear the risk of additional losses due to erroneous data in the system. 

Data extraction using Artificial Intelligence is the process of locating and identifying relevant data from various sources, varying formats like images, documents, PDFs, financial tables, graphs, and more with “human level accuracy”. Due to increased speed and accuracy of data extraction, you can tap into the potential of saving up to 50% of the costs associated with manual data entry.

We Support
JPG, PNG & PDF files

Capture, convert and analyse data from any JPG, PNG and PDF documents

Extract data from these documents Ready to get started?

We have ready to use solutions for most common document types. Create and set up your own custom model in a few clicks.

  ​ Tax Form

  ​ ​​ Legal documents

  ​ ​Bank Forms

   Financial statements

  ​ Handwritten text

  ​ ​Table extraction from unstructured documents

   Invoices and receipts

We are glad to train our machine learning models to extract data from customized / complex documents.

Key Benefits of AI Based Data Extraction

InferIQ solution successfully able to convert over 70% of the unseen AP/AR data from 24-48 hours to 5-10 seconds.

Higher Data Accuracy

Reduce Manual Errors

Lower Processing Costs

Simple Integration

Shorter Turnaround Times

Actionable Insights

Data Extraction Across Industries

Automated data extraction technology can be implemented across a variety of industries.

Banking & Financial Services

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Public Sector

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Case Study

Read the below case study and see how InferIQ solutions reduced data extraction Cost, Time, and Improved Accuracy and Efficiency.

Case Study

AP/AR Statement Data Extraction

Our customer is a leading full-service national lender offering mortgage solutions to clients of diverse income brackets...

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