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Intelligent Document Processing for Healthcare Industry

Streamline patient records, insurance claims, and medical invoice processing for healthcare organizations.

Intelligent Document Processing for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers are challenged with the near-impossible: delivering the absolute best patient care at the lowest cost while keeping up with administrative tasks, records handling, and compliance. Contending with tons of electronic and paper paperwork, healthcare workers need to process forms as quickly as possible. It’s no wonder workers burn out, and institutions constantly need to pay for expensive errors.  

List of Key Documents in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is filled with vast amounts of diverse, complex, and sensitive information, including patient records, insurance claims, and medical bills. InferIQ helps healthcare organizations quickly and accurately process large volumes of patient information reducing processing time and risk of errors and improving patient experience. Healthcare organizations must comply with numerous regulations. InferIQ helps healthcare organizations ensure compliance by securely processing and managing sensitive data. 

Patient Onboarding Documents 
Patient Records
Patient Surveys
Clinical Trial Management 
Medical Billing

Key Benefits for Healthcare Industry

Process 5x Faster

Get the documents processing faster and best-in-class data extraction.

Cost Savings of Over 70%

Reducing the expenses of back-office costs.

Upto 99% Accuracy

Improved document extraction with the highest data accuracy.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve turnaround times can lead highest customer satisfaction.

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