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Intelligent Document Processing for Public Sector Organizations

Automate your public sector document processing with InferIQ.

Intelligent Document Processing for Public Sector

Are you a Public Sector organization facing challenges in extracting data from various documents?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers tremendous potential for Public Sector organizations to accelerate the transformation and unleash value for their employees and the citizens they serve. Our innovation, InferIQ offers plenty of scalable benefits to Public Sector organizations. This intelligent tool can retrieve information from Tax Forms, Grant Requests, Court Documents, FOI requests, Handwritten Text, Standard Forms (Census, Employment), and several other documents for Public Sector organizations.

List of Key Documents in the Public Sector Organizations

By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, InferIQ can extract information from various physical documents across multiple languages. This is in turn very helpful for supporting, optimizing, and elevating processes in Public Sector organizations having a multilingual workforce. Also, InferIQ performs huge volumes of data extraction at a faster pace with no compromise on efficiency and accuracy, enabling these organizations to focus their manual resources more on building meaningful services, innovation, and creative thinking. 

  • Tax Form​s 
  • Grant Requests 
  • Court Documents 
  • FOI Request
  • Handwritten Text 
  • Standard Forms
    (Census, Employment) and many more

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